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{October 30, 2017}   JJ almost dropped the ball!

What? No!!! Say it ain’t so!

One of my favorite things about an aunt and grandmother, JJ, is, well, making the babies happy! I love getting them birthday gifts, holiday presents, treats from my travels, but one of my favorites, Halloween! With all of the nieces and grand-babies, it’s my responsibility and I wear that badge with pride!

I start asking in the summer, ‘What do you want to be for Halloween?’ and then I’m off! And every year there are new challenges. When they’re little, either mom and dad decide or I get to pick. As they get older, they know what they want and that’s what I get them. Oh yea!

This year, the costume I ordered for EJS arrived and it was the wrong size, what? Ok, return, order new. I ordered the new costume on Tuesday, there was an issue with the payment, fixed it and I also added overnight shipping, great, it should get there no later than Thursday! That works!

So…guess what happened…Thursday comes and goes, no costume, it’s been delayed, should be there by Friday, ok. Then it should be there by Sunday, seriously? Then…delay…it should be there by October 30 or 31st, but no later than Wednesday. Seriously? November 1st? AFTER Halloween? Think I was cool with this? Not a chance!

So…I had a nice little chat with Amazon Prime. You know fabulous this call was, humph…The guy kept apologizing for the inconvenience and putting me on hold and hemming and hawing, nothing they could do, it would be there by Wednesday. I said that doesn’t help, it’s a Halloween costume, ‘oh, I’m sorry’, not sure there was actual understanding there.

I think four times he offered me an extra month of Prime for free, that still doesn’t help me with the costume crisis! Oooh, I could call it it CC2017! The great Costume Crisis of 2017! Such drama! Well, save the drama for your momma!

We went round and round and came up with no solutions. Well, except for me to sit there and click on the update link over and over and over. That and look up as many costume stores near GES that I could find.

FINALLY…it paid off because at 3:37pm, Amazon updated with DELIVERED! I immediately texted GES and waited… until she texted back that it was received and a photo was texted with a very happy EJS! Whew!

Let me just say this, I admittedly sometimes am late with birthday, and holiday gifts and that’s not cool, but…I always think getting a gift whenever is fabulous, not an excuse, but…you cannot be late on a Halloween costume, there is no week of Halloween or Halloween Day 2! Only one day, luckily it’s the same day every year! October 31st! And in this one area, I cannot and will not disappoint the wee tots that I love! One year I missed LB and Princess L because I didn’t see an email about costumes, but I won’t let that happen again!

So…JJ almost missed out and I REFUSE to disappoint my nieces and grand-babies when it comes to Halloween and I’m not about to start!

Oh, how I wish I could show you pictures of my loves, they all look so fabulous!

I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow! Happy Eve of Halloween!!!


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