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{October 29, 2017}   Happy FOURTH birthday Princess L!!!

FOUR? Wait, she was just a baby? Now she’s FOUR? WOW!

I still remember the day CS told me she was pregnant with baby number two! LB was going to be a big sister! Oh wow! I also remember being in Las Vegas a few days before she was born, man did I want her to come out so I could meet her! But alas, JJ would have to wait…sigh.

And then I got to meet her and it’s been a treat! It takes her a minute when we see each other, she’s a cautious little person, especially since we don’t see each other often, but when she warms up, oh wow…hugs, smiles, silliness, curiosity, love.

I love seeing what the kids come up with when they play, together and by themselves. Princess L has a wonderful imagination, there are times when I visit and the kids are all doing their own thing, I love seeing what her mind comes up with to do or play by herself.

Sometimes she’s shy and lets others lead and other times she asserts herself and takes control and the lead. She’s creative and cunning, smart and sassy at times, loves learning new things and showing you what she’s learned.

Oh boy, does she love and look up to her big sister, LB! There is nothing like seeing these two doll babies together. She follows her around like a little sister and then she chases her…like a little sister!

When she decides what she wants to be for Halloween or gets something I send her from my travels, or for her birthday, that’s when I get to put a big smile on that sweet face. I love thinking about what I’m going to get her that is just for her. When I was pulling pictures of Princess L together for my Facebook post, it’s amazing the range of expressions and emotions she has, just with a look, a grin, a thought.

This little munchkin is one of the loves of my life and I look forward to watching her grow and learn and become the amazing person and adult I know is coming, but right now, the sweet, happy and special little girls she is.

Happy FOURTH birthday Princess L! JJ loves you oh so very much!


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