Peaches Prattlings

{October 24, 2017}   Happy Birthday GM!

October 23rd was a vey special day, my Grandma M’s birthday.

This was my mom’s mom, one of the grandma’s MGS is named for, has her exact name in fact. She definitely takes after her namesake!

She was an amazing grandmother, fun, funny, sometimes when she didn’t even realize it! She taught me to play cards like poker, gin, casino, solitaire. We used to stay up playing gin all night. The woman was relentless! She knew what I had and what I played! “Are you sure you want to play that?” What? It was freaky!

She used to organize trips to Atlantic City for groups, arranged everything, from the buses to the casinos, made sure everyone got there and back. She was politically active, working the voting polls every election, campaigning for Cancer Care.

She was an amazing cook, well, when it came to Jewish food, anything else was a challenge, but her specialties, oh man, wow! We loved to tease each other and it was our thing, she would make applesauce and no matter how much sugar she put in, I would ask her if she added any, not enough! She would gasp and then threaten me with a plau-uch and a chamaliah [spelling not sure!] That’s a back and front handed hit to the tush, all in gest of course! “Why, I’m going to give you such a chamliah and a plau-uch!” Oh no!

There were so many things I loved about my grandmother, she was fantastic and stubborn and smart and traveled and would include me in so much! She would do take me to the theater to see a musical, The Rockettes and the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York City each year was a tradition. I remember her taking me to Coney Island as a kid and riding the Log Flume, the aquarium, the zoo, the park, wherever the adventure took us. Next year, I’ll tell you some more fun stuff! Why give it all away, we’re going to be talking for a long time!

Could we fight and disagree, you bet your sweet bippie! Did we kiss and make up, you bet your sweet you know what! She was fierce and protective and feisty and argumentative and curious and loved life, how could you not love her? I know I did.

Happy birthday, if I could be half the grandmother you were, I’m gonna rock! I love you.


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