Peaches Prattlings

{October 23, 2017}   Let’s get some cultchah on!

Nope, not a typo! Must be read with a New York accent!

I came into Chicago earlier today, I had a dinner meeting in the office at 5pm. I got settled into the hotel and since I didn’t have a lot of time, I thought a few minutes of culture and art would be nice.

I decided to go to the Art Institute of Chicago and even better…I get in for free with my work ID! A little culture for free, score!

First order of business, go in a different direction than I always do. I tend to stick to just the modern and impressionists. I ventured to the left this time.

Chagall windows, Picasso, Dubuffet and Miro sculpture models for pieces around Chicago. Then some sustenance, a fabulous bowl of sauteed brussel sprouts. Now to walk off the sprouts.

Greek and Roman statutes, different installations, architechture, book covers and sketches, I couldn’t resist the impressionists and modern.

I was there a little under two hours, admired, enjoyed, discussed and pondered. Quite enjoyable!


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