Peaches Prattlings

{October 20, 2017}   Travel too much?

Um…I don’t think so, others might.

I’ve told you, at least I think I have, that if I’m not on a plane every week or every other week, I get a bit antsy. I like my lifestyle and now I’m spoiled. I admit it!

Well, things just got real! I am currently Platinum status on Delta, that’s the third tier and Gold status on United. I was wondering when I was going to catch up to PSM on United and promote to Gold, this was a few months ago when I was traveling back and forth to Hawaii more often then he was and then one day, wow, Gold!

Now I’m Platinum on Delta and Gold on United for this year and working towards Platinum for both for next year. Platinum gets you some nice perks. More upgrade opportunities to first class, better seat options, more free checked bags, boarding earlier, first on, first off, more legroom and some other nice perks.

Well, all of a sudden, I go to check into my flight and bam! Platinum on United! For this year and next! What? When did that happen? Who cares, I’ll take it! Now, all I need is Platinum on Delta for next year and I’m golden! Ha ha!

So… tonight I was upgraded to first class from Chicago to Boston. They serve dinner on these flights, but since I was upgraded, no vegan for me. The flight attendant told me to pick something from the snacks for sale and I got hummus and chips. She was very sweet and took this box and put it on a tray with a placemat, napkin roll with real silver and added a roll for me and the wine glass. Not necessary, off course, I would have been happy just to have the snack, but she made it more special, thank you!

Let the spoiling commence and continue!


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