Peaches Prattlings

{October 19, 2017}   Oh my yum!

Today, I went to two and very different places for great meals.

The first was Ritz’s, a small, very casual place open for breakfast and lunch. A very locals place as I found out listening to the conversions going on around me as I sat at the counter.

It is wide open, a bunch of square tables and a small counter that could seat maybe six people. The kitchen is open, then menus are paper and an old Pepsi signboard shows their specials, which around here are the horseshoes. The horseshoe is an open-faced sandwich originating in Springfield, Illinois, United States. It consists of thick-sliced toasted bread, a hamburger patty, French fries, and a “secret” cheese sauce. And that is as far as I go with that, we know I’m not eating it, as much as people rave about it! Make it vegan, I’ll give it a shot!

I ordered an egg sandwich and looked at my surroundings. I loved the menu ideas in the napkin holders. The atmosphere is relaxed, the kitchen had AC/DC playing, the cooks were having a good time and when one of them saw me taking pictures, started posing for me!

This was a good neighborhood joint, I’ll be going back!

For dinner, a different experience. Augie’s Front Burner in downtown Springfield.

This is a farm to table restaurant that featured good hearty food, definitely farm to table, lots of steak, lamb, salmon, good dairy like goat cheese, not the first choice for a vegan, but I loved looking at the creations they offered.

When I got there, one of my co- workers I was meeting had already told our server that there was a vegan coming, thank you, I so appreciate the people I work with! The server told me the chef was working on something for me and checked with me on s few things, thank you again!

The food came and oh my! I started with a beet and carrot salad with a cranberry relish. It was fabulous! I bet it would have been amazing with the lemon ricotta or some goat cheese, sigh.

My next course was so pretty. It looked like a flower of vegetables! Each was some sort of baby or small vegetable, seasoned and sauteed, laid out around rice with something sweet in it, like cherries, no idea, but yum! And it was topped with a few sweet potato chips and greens. This was fabulous!

A place I would go again, if I could have this, or something equally fabulous!


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