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{October 19, 2017}   I’m bummed… last official hokey…

And pokey. Sigh…

Today was my last official End User training class with the client before we go- live on Tuesday. That meant my last official song and dance.

Let me explain…

If I haven’t already told you, one of the things I do and I’m known for in the world of training, is singing and sometimes dancing every day at 2pm I’m my class. It started when I got on this project.

Picture it… you’re teaching a class, these are all adults, and you look out and see yawning , eyelids drooping and fidgeting. You may not be bored, just tired, hopefully not bored! I can guarantee that people don’t get bored in my classes! I don’t let them! I have my methods.

I call on people to read, answer questions, cal them out when they yawn! I do the last one with humor, never embarrass anyone, doesn’t accomplish anything. I also tell a lot of bad dad jokes! I also know what I’m like as a student and this would work on me!

So… we get back from lunch at 1pm and by 2pm, fidgeting…I tell them to get on their feet and then I have them sing and add dancing and even hand gestures. We go back to pre-k and kindergarten! The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, Take Me Out To The Ballgame, You Are My Sunshine, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, in a round!

I go to one site and when I get there…”what are you going to sing today?!” How much do you think I love that!

Lately, with one day classes…The Hokey and Pokey! Oh, it’s awesome! A bunch of grown men and women all singing and putting their right hand in, taking their right hand out, putting their right hand in and shaking it about. They do the hokey pokey and turn themselves about and that’s what it’s all about! Right hand! Left hand! Right foot! Left foot! Finally… whole self! Wahoo!

So, today, being the last official End User class, the last song and dance. Sigh…

Can’t wait for the next training project!


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