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{October 14, 2017}   The Orville and Hot Wives

No, this is not a title for a new dirty movie!

These are two new shows I found on Hulu.

The Orville is a new show by Seth MacFarland, the creator of Family Guy and Ted. It’s set 400 years in the future, we follow Captain Ed Mercer and his crew of…I like the description IMDB gives, motley crew of space explorers. Wait until you find out who his first officer is!

This is your ‘typical’ exploratory space mission show with some comic relief thrown in. It feels like a combination of Star Trek, all of them, before you ask, and Galaxy Quest. The first two episodes you’re getting to know the crew, they are a transport and get in the middle of ‘stuff’. It’s billed as a comedy-drama and, well, it is. They start to get into some touchy subjects, it definitely is interesting the way they handle it.

I’m not sure if the show will be around for season two, I haven’t heard much advertising for it lately, but I haven’t been looking. The reason I say this is because I’m not sure how this show is going over with the public. I found it on Hulu and I binge watched the the first seven episodes, I felt like I couldn’t look away. Half way through I asked PSM if we liked this and we were both on the fence, but we kept going.

It will be interesting to see if it makes it and I would love to see what others think. No hype makes me skeptical.

Now, moving on to The Hotwives of Orlando and The Hotwives of Las Vegas. It’s a spoof of the reality shows, The Real Housewives of…

It follows the lives of a group of rich women in Orlando and then Las Vegas. Some of them are married, some have jobs, another is a former child star, sisters. They did a great job with the cast, the script, the absurdity of it all. It’s like the sitcoms or sketch comedies that spoof soap operas.

It’s funny that I picked this slow because the original series carried over for a blip to The Orville.

Neither show is taxing on the brain, The Orville will make you think and be nostalgic for space exploration shows. The Hotwives, on the other hand, may make you wonder ‘what was I thinking?!’ It’s like a traffic accident, you can’t look away!



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