Peaches Prattlings

{October 12, 2017}   Happy FIRST birthday CDL!

My baby had a baby.. and now he’s one! What?! I remember when I became a mom, a little different than “the normal channels” so to speak. The wasband had two kids, a girl, TYL, ne TYH, and a boy, WCH, we called him by CH, which is what he’s known as. She was seven and he had just turned eight. I remember when they started spending the night, I had new mom syndrome and loved it! By that I mean when I couldn’t sleep, and at the time, I could sleep! I was constantly checking on them, watching them sleep, and when I did sleep, it was a very light sleep because I would hear them turn over in their sleep! Forgot about hearing them cough or sniffle! The time we weren’t in each other’s lives was the hardest for me, but when we reconnected, wow! Ok, I could talk about them for days, but I need to tell you why we’re here! My baby, TYL, is a mom of a ONE year old! What! One minute he’s there, growing inside her and the next minute…a wonder! I met him when he was a few weeks old and like all my grandbabies, the second we met, I was in love! Well, from the sonogram, but seeing him, holding him, the sweet new baby smell, wrapping his little fingers around my hand and my heart. He didn’t do much at that stage, they don’t, except capture your heart and mind, watching him look at everything with wonder and curiosity. Seeing TYL as cool and collected mom, thinking she was a mess, but she was beautiful, that day and everyday, but this is a new kind of beauty. She is the mother of an amazing little person! CDL is a smart, precocious, precious, funny, silly, goofy, smart, curious, inquisitive, cautious, fearless, fabulous, little person. He embodies the best of his parents, I even see his uncle, CH, in there. He loves his mommy and daddy, he loves to laugh, play, snuggle, explore, learn, try. He’s a wonder and today, October 11th, he’s one! Happy, happy first birthday CDL, I love you and I can’t wait to watch you grow and smile and celebrate so many birthdays together!


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