Peaches Prattlings

{October 8, 2017}   OMG! I am such a lucky JJ!!!

Today I got the best text!

I get some awesome texts quite often, but today… extra special.

As you know, I have a fabulous add important responsibility this time of year. Halloween costumes for my nieces and grandbabies. I’ve been getting them ordered and delivered over the past few weeks and they have been arriving over the past few days.

For me, the absolute best part about all of it, hearing how much they love their costumes and seeing their faces in their costumes. As soon as they are all in, I’ll tell you what each one wanted and got.

Well, the reason I’m telling you all of this is that today, Baby A got his costume and he loves it. Along with a photo of him in his costume, adorable! I got the picture below with the text message attached.

He painted a picture in school of his house next to my house!!! And he painted it for me!!! Think I was excited? Speechless? Teary? Think I’m turning into my mother? You bet your bippy!!!

I am such a lucky auntie and JJ! Thank you!!!

My day 3 of 7 photo. I like this challenge!


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