Peaches Prattlings

{October 6, 2017}   We need some happy. Now

My heart hurts. My eyes are red.

My eyes are puffy from crying, my nose is red and stuffed from running and crying.

First, Mother Nature sends a hurricane to hurt Texas. Then, that wasn’t enough, she sent another to Florida and she really wasn’t done, Puerto Rico.

We’ve lost people, just recently, that were influential and pioneers in their own mediums, Hugh Hefner last week and Tom Petty on Monday. There were false reports early in the day and later, he lost his battle. Did you know that Marilyn Manson was injured at his concert Saturday?

Then we wake up Monday to hear about a shooting in Las Vegas. I actually thought it was about Marilyn Manson, since I didn’t know what had happened at his show. But it wasn’t. It was a mad man, a mass murderer opening fire on a crowd of concert goers, innocent people enjoying music and each other. With no explanations, reasons or why.

Today, there was a bomb threat at one of the local high schools near where I am teaching. They evacuated all the local high schools and some of the middle schools. The perpetrators, two twelve year olds. What?!

The late night talk show hosts, like Jimmy Kimmel, their hearts hurting, having trouble talking to their audience and daytime hosts like Ellen Degeneres wanting to show us that there is still good in the world, thank you, we need to see that!

There is so much I want to say. Can we start with…

When is enough enough?

Please be good to each other. I will start…I love, like and appreciate you all.


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