Peaches Prattlings

{October 2, 2017}   Hot Chocolate 15k!

What a day!

So, you know my goals when I participate in a race: Start the race…check! Finish the race… check! Have people behind you… check!

That last one was touch and go! I totally admit, I had not trained, totally on me and I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but fasting the day before, probably not the best thing for a race. As we’ve talked about before, I’ve done all different race lengths, from 5k to half marathon and only once, when everyone else was a runner did I come in last and didn’t like it.

So… along the route, I kept with people and then I was behind and then more behind and more behind. But I was doing it. I was tired by mile 7, ok, by mile 6, but that was a 10k, I’m doing this. Mile 7, I can’t quit now! It’s on my 2.3 miles left!

But… just before mile 7, the sweeper van was right there! The cop behind me, the end of the race, I ignored, he can’t do anything, but the sweeper van! I’ve told you about getting swept before, not a great feeling! I heard that door open and I ran for it! Just beat him!!!

Then I was with the other 6-10 stragglers. We were all motivating each other! It’s only 2 miles to go! Do you see the 8 mile? The 9 mile marker? One girl, this was her first and she said she was going to cry! I said go for it! My first 5k, I cried! And the first one I ran the whole thing, you bet your bippy!

We were so close! I was not giving up! I put my sweatshirt back on so they could see my bib number when I crossed the finish. Here are some of the advantages of finishing towards the end. Serious cheering! They can look up your bib number and say your name and where you’re from!

Now, when you look at my stats, feel free to laugh, I couldn’t stop! Overall, out of 2831 participants, I was 2827! Out of 2140 females, I was 2136! Now, in my age group, saved the best for last! I saw that and could not stop laughing!

So… Start… check. Finish.. check. People behind me… check! Get medal… check!

I’m a happy girl!


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