Peaches Prattlings

{September 22, 2017}   Wow, status really helps!

United pulled one out for me tonight!

Flying to Boston on Delta tonight, flight goes from 630pm departure to 748 pm departure. Well…that doesn’t bode well for my 9pm connection in Detroit. Hmm..

Call the travel company, there is a 730pm on United going to Boston, great, I’ll take it! Less stress because of the traffic I am now sitting in with my Uber driver.

I get to the airport, drop the bag, go through security and pass gate C20 with a flight leaving for Boston at 715pm. Hmmm, I wonder. Just about that time I get a notification that my 730pm flight is now delayed to 847pm due to air traffic control. Ok…

I overhear the gate agent tell someone there are still seats on the 715, ooh! I book it over, get in line, with everyone else… doesn’t look good for me. First, there is a $75 charge for the standby seat, if I get it. Ok, I just want to get there. Then, the next sentence is, with your status, there’s no charge! Score one for United.

I look at the board with all the standby names and I’m thinking no way. Then, they start calling standby names and mine is the second or third called! Exit row ok? Yes! New ticket issued, I am on my way to Boston!

The flight should have left at 715pm, but… weather, air traffic, whatever. We don’t leave until almost 9pm.

The most important thing…I made it to Boston, I get to see my family and United came thru. Go United!

The pictures have nothing to do with flying, they were just there, on the street in Chicago and they made me happy! I hope they make you happy!


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