Peaches Prattlings

{September 20, 2017}   True Food Chicago…yum!

I really like this place! It’s Monday in Chicago. I taught a great class of Managers, I was back in the hotel, I needed to run some errands including Walgreens, TMobile and food! Well, there was also some window shopping, The Disney store and that included a…yup, you guessed a costume! One grandbaby costume, check! Four grandbaby and three niece costumes to go! By now, I’m very hungry and the first two places couldn’t accommodate me, then I saw a True Food, Wahoo! Do you remember me telling you about our fabulous breakfast in Denver with PSM’s cousins at True Food? I knew they could feed me, so I went to the bar, copped a squat and set in to order. I had…yum! An inside out quinoa burger, as they called it and it was fabulous! It’s two hard packed quinoa patties where the buns would be, layered between the patties were cucumbers, avocado, tomato and hummus. I skipped the tzatziki sauce since its made with yogurt and added their almond ricotta cheese and butter lettuce. As a side, I had their charred cauliflower instead of the kale salad or sweet potato hash. Oh my word, but this was good! My server said she likes it with the lake salad because she will break it all up and mix it with the kale to have a giant salad. It was such a nice contrast of flavors. The heat, temperature, of the quinoa against the cold of all the other ingredients, so nice! I could definitely eat that again! Come with me next time!


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