Peaches Prattlings

{September 15, 2017}   Waking up in a bad mood…

From a dream… does that ever happen to you?

I so loathe when that happens. It sets your day off on the wrong direction. That happened to me last night/ this morning. Not a great feeling, right? So not a fan.

Not sure exactly what was going on, but it was someone from my past doing something underhanded… to me. I also knew I was dreaming, I kept telling myself this wasn’t real and to wake up.

Did I listen? Not a chance, I let this play out until I was really upset and when I finally woke up, it was because I was incorporating some of my reality into the dream.

Ok, this last part is a slightly funny ending to the dream, I really needed to brush my teeth! In both the dream and in reality. Icky, but I’m so glad, that’s what woke me up!

The mood went away eventually, but I woke up not the happiest of people, in a slight snit, took me a minute to focus and decide this was not going to ruin my day…


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