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{September 2, 2017}   Aloha Kauai!

What do people who live on an island do for vacation?

Why, they go to another island, of course! Aloha Kauai! We’ve been talking about where to go for a while and since we want to explore all the island before we move, Kauai was next on the list! PSM had spent some time here with his aunt and uncle a few months ago and wanted to share it with me now. Love that!

As you know, I got home last night, did laundry and this morning, up, pack and head to the airport. The beauty of inter- island flying on Hawaiian Airlines is that there are flights almost every hour and the flights are anywhere from 25-45 minutes. Up and down, nice. Not a bad view from the plane, eh? Then took a few shots after we landed on the way to lunch!

The nice thing about traveling for work is the points! We are staying at a Hilton Garden Inn on points, wahoo!

We went to Kapaa to a food truck that I saw the owner on Cooks vs Cons! But, alas, they were closed, off island for research, but they will be back on the 5th, we’ll go then! So, in search of food, we found Tiki’s Tacos!

It is a small place, tacos only, no chips on the side, as they say, tacos only, eclectic and the menu is written in chalk above the window to the kitchen. When you look for the menu online, its a photo of the chalkboard!

The food takes a bit to come out, could be why there are skeletons everywhere! Kidding of course, part of the Mexican ambiance, the one in the bathroom cracked me up, when the lights came on, disco lights! The food good, fresh ingredients and very filling.

No, the chickens in the parking lot were not used in the making of our lunches! The island is known for its population of wild chickens and roosters. They are every-where!

Off to find adventure!

We drove to a few fabulous lookout points, let’s be real, this is Hawaii, what isn’t a fabulous lookout point!

We went to see the Opaeka’a Falls, one of two waterfalls on the island that are view only. The others you have to hike or kayak to.

One of the overlooks we could see where some of Indiana Jones was filmed!

By now, it is happy hour time! We went to the Lava Lava Beach Club. This is a spot that is known for its happy hour, the view is amazing and the specials are the right price.

We started with a Gilligans Girl and Huggies Mai Tai. Not a fan of either, but, PSM enjoyed the mai tai, a few times. The tater tots and mango pineapple salsa was tasty.

Look at that view! We put our toes in the sand, mine in the water and said ahhh…

Not bad for a first day. I can’t wait to see what adventure awaits us this week!


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