Peaches Prattlings

{August 28, 2017}   Ouch, that hurt!

Going down straight on the knee doesn’t feel that great! Especially when you do it multiple times in a week!

Last week on Tuesday, as I left the Cardinals game, I took a step off the curb and my ankle turned and I went straight down on my right knee, scraped it up pretty good, since I was wearing shorts. Ouch. Luckily as I sat there, a nice man helped me stand up and collect my belongings.

Tonight, I was getting some food at DTW, the Detroit airport, for those of you not in the know and as I turned to walk away after getting my food, slid on a nice puddle of water. Straight down on my right knee, yup, same knee. This time, I slid a little and bam. Again, a nice man helped me stand up, and a few people stopped to check if I was alright.

I told the girl working at the restaurant what happened and she just nodded at me, I told her someone else could get hurt. She cared…

Off I sent to my gate with food in hand, limping a little. My knee is now throbbing and has a nice bump and bruise, goes along well with the scab from last week!

Ok, I’m done and I’ll be fine, but seriously, twice in one week!?


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