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{August 25, 2017}   Experienced travelers, common courtesy…

Just some thoughts about traveling…

I don’t know if you know that I travel for work, ha ha. Here’s what I think about sometimes and, I may have already shared some of this with you, but it occurs to me more than once.

I was attempting to get off the shuttle bus for the car rental company at the airport and a guy hoped right on, not waiting for anyone to get off the bus, maybe make room for them, give him an easier time getting the bus, nope, he had to get right on there. Even the driver said, couldn’t wait, huh? Meanwhile, he’s just come off his flight, the rest of us need to catch a flight. Who do think has the greater need? He could be in a rush, I get that, but… the shuttle isn’t leaving any faster, especially if people are still on it…

When flying, TSA pre check is great! For some people, like me, it’s a constant, I paid for it and then I got global entry, and it came as a package deal. For others, it’s random and that’s great.

What isn’t so great is people who don’t fly that often and/or aren’t that familiar with the process. I think there should be a TSA pre check lane for people who have flown pre check 10 times or less and one for the rest of us. I know, I probably sound petty to some of you, but when you’re pressed for time or in a ridiculously busy airport, especially on a Monday morning, it’s not so much fun being behind people who don’t have a clue and start taking everything out of their bags, for one.

For those of us that do this week in and week out, we know the drill. I’ve already removed the things that set off the metal detector sometimes before I get to the airport.

Oh, there’s more, but I’m done for now.

Thanks for listening. Happy travels!


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