Peaches Prattlings

{August 20, 2017}   Sleep in… brunch…culture… silliness

Guess where I am and guess who’s with me!

About 6am, my hotel room door, in Chicago, opened and PSM walked in! We get to spend the weekend together!

We talked for a bit, caught up on our Friday and then sacked out for a few hours.

Eventually, we needed sustenance, we headed out to The Chicago Diner, if you remember “Meat-Free Since ’83”. We started with poutine, I texted WIS, make get jealous! Then it was a Monte Cristo for PSM, made on french toast and Country Benedict for me and a small vanilla milkshake to top it off. Way too much food for us, the homeless guy was thankful.

Then we started walking, passed a bar with some live music and an even livelier crowd, dropped in for a drink then headed back into the city again. Guess who is also in town…The Blue Angels! I tried to get a few shots as we were walking.

We hopped into a taxi to take us to the Art Institute, there is a Gauguin exhibit that will be leaving in a few weeks. It wasn’t only his paintings, which he took up later in life. It was paintings, mixed in with sculptures, wood- blocking, screen printing, wood carving and painting, pottery, fan design.

What a talent! I didn’t know that much about Gauguin aside from his Tahitian paintings, which is what he is most known for, well, to me at least.

Then it was back to the hotel for a rest, then out to a local place for a less than stellar dinner, another happy homeless inhabitant of Chicago.

A short walk, check out the roofto bar, a chat with you and then…zzzz

Tomorrow, another full day and then travel. Goodnight!


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