Peaches Prattlings

{August 10, 2017}   Being appreciated…

It seems to be very underrated, but it can do so much!

When you do something, hopefully you’re not doing it only to get noticed, especially when it comes to work.

You do your job because you love it, want to do it and do it well. If you do your job to your best abilities, hopefully, a good result is to get noticed and maybe even recognized. And when you go above and beyond, it’s cool when someone does notice.

A few months ago we got an email saying the company knows how hard we’ve all worked and what a great job we’re doing, we got what they called ‘High 5’, which included a prepaid American Express card that says High5, how cool is that!

Then, about the same time, I received an ‘Applause Award ‘, I think I told you about that when I received one in the past. This is when you are recognized for doing something that goes above and beyond.

It feels great when someone says ‘Thank you’ for doing a great job, seriously, if someone recognizes that I’m doing a good job, my job, or went above and beyond or that extra mile, or seeks me out for a new project or something extra at work, that gives me a great sense of pride. The High 5 and Applause awards, those are just icing on the cake.

Thank you!


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