Peaches Prattlings

{August 8, 2017}   Short, but sweet visit

In Vegas, I had a nice visit with family friends.

One of my mom’s oldest friends, that being a friend she knew longer than others, since they were twelve, that’s a while, I should think.

The family friendship has lasted for a long time, even after my mom passed, our families are still family. When my dad visits Las Vegas twice a year, he spends time with SF and family.

The last time I was in Vegas by myself, I had a girls night and afternoon with each of them, it was great.

Yesterday morning, I got up, finished packing, checked out of the hotel and headed to my wonderful visit. Hugs, food, kids, catch up, reminisces, love, family, photos and like that… it was time to go to the airport.

I love seeing them, I’m looking forward to my next visit, dad will be there in a few months. It was great, felt like no time had passed and like being home.


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