Peaches Prattlings

{August 2, 2017}   Kind of hard to get up to an alarm that’s not set…

I had some good intentions…

What do they say about the road to hell?

I had been doing so well for the last few months while I’ve been in Chicago, going to the gym every day, working out, working my butt off. Well, that’s not true, I’m working on getting more of a butt, but that’s a different story, ha ha!

So, I finished my last scheduled workout, went to Mexico, didn’t workout there, not that there wasn’t activity…lots of walking, around the resort, into town, at the ruins, on the beach and in the pool, both tough!

Admittedly, last week, the first week back, I did not work out, I chose to sleep that extra hour, much needed! There was still walking, since I was training two classes and I don’t sit whn I teach. This past weekend, there was walking, but nothing scheduled.

I got to Mt Vernon, IL Monday night, ready to get up Tuesday and workout, treadmill, whatever. I happened to wake up, looked at my alarm, confused because I know I had set it last week, just snoozed a lot. Well, when I looked, it had been set for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Um…

So…the alarm had been set, just not for the first morning I needed it! And… good thingI happened to wake up! Oh brother!

Let’s see what happens tomorrow!


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