Peaches Prattlings

{July 28, 2017}   Well, that was a crappy way to start my day..

It got better, it did, but the start, not so much.

I got up, didn’t workout, boo, hard to get started again, that’s on me, apparently my body needs that dew extra minutes of sleep!

I had a rental car reservation for 8am, about a 9 minute walk from the hotel or a 4 minute drive, I opted for the walk. Why take an Uber or taxi for such a short trip?

I was dressed in black and long sleeves, the training room I’m in is chilly, I always have a sweater, but sometimes that’s not enough, go figure, definitely enough this morning!

It was on Mall Loop Road, just follow around from the hotel, no problem, then GPS starts going a little crazy, just when I’m almost at the place, turn around, now go thru the mall. What? I’ve now added to my 9 minute walk. I’ve been walking almost 20 minutes when I call, “yeah, go back outside, to Sears Automotive Center, yes, there are signs on this side” seriously?

I try to be at the training site on the first day no later than 815am, I really like to be there by 800. By now, it’s 820, think I’m happy?

I finally get the car and I’m dripping with sweat, the back of my hair is wet with sweat, not fun. I crank the AC in hopes of drying and cooling myself off. I finally get to the site, park at a meter and go in. It’s now 845 and I need to see what still needs to be set up in the training room.

When we break, I go to move the car to a free lot down the road and I have a parking ticket, what? There is still 14 minutes left. Yeah, apparently the meter I was supposed to use was in front of the car, not the one right next to it. Seriously?

So, not a great start to my day, wouldn’t you say?

It got better, promise. People at the site were happy to see me. The office manager said I was one of the better ones, so nice. The class was good and full of good sports and as I was walking out, one of the folks who works there was so excited to see me, gave me big hugs and was disappointed I’m not teaching her class next week. That worked!

Start low and work your way up, I’ll take it!


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