Peaches Prattlings

{July 25, 2017}   Camp bound!

Wow! It’s here! Time for summer camp!

Not just summer camp, but sleep away camp!! It’s the third year for EJS and the first for MGS!

For EJS there’s excitement, eagerness to be away with old friends, making new ones, friends for life, new experiences, something special every day.

For MGS, there’s excitement, nerves, a fear of the unknown, hope for something great, awesomeness.

The car was packed, with gear and family, let’s go! They sent pictures getting ready to go, a stop at Dunkin Donuts, that always helps.

Then the pictures of drop off, big sister first, all smiles and I have a feeling an attitude like mine was, ‘ok, I found my friends, I’m set, thanks, bye’, ha ha. Next little and after a minute…’I found my friends, I’m set, thanks, bye ‘.

What comes next? A big sigh of relief from the parents. A successful drop off and happy kids and parents, what could be better?

I can’t wait for my first letter!


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