Peaches Prattlings

{July 12, 2017}   Wow, it’s really out there?

Friends, a big step in my life happened on Monday.

My house in Georgia went on the market! What? Yes! I’d say that’s a big step! I can’t believe it!

I bought the house in 2003, I say I, but I actually bought it with the wasband. Then when we were getting divorced, it went on the market, two years later, I took it off the market and shortly after that, he quit claimed it to me. If you’re not in the know, to quit claim, at a high level, is to transfer property to another individual…he turned the house over to me, giving up all claim to it.

Then about five years ago, I refinanced the house and put it into my name and it was really mine at that point. Mine alone. Wow.

About a year after I moved to Colorado I found a great property management company, Renters Warehouse, to manage the property and they found tenants who have been renting for the last three years. 

I have been thinking about selling for a while and recently, I decided to go for it. I reached out to a realtor I know, the daughter of a good friend and we got the process started. 

Paperwork, photos, signatures… and now, it’s officially on the market!

Wow, this is such a big step. But a good one! I’ll keep you posted!



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