Peaches Prattlings

{July 7, 2017}   Didn’t you just say you were hungry?

I get a little confused on occasion, it happens. Don’t you?

Here’s the deal. I think I’ve told you before,  I don’t usually finish my meals, especially dinners. That means I invariably walk out of the restaurant with a to-go container. 

As I walk back to my hotel or just wherever, I am usually looking for someone to feed, I know I’m probably not going to eat the leftovers and I don’t like to waste food, so I’m happy to share what i have. 

In the dead of winter in Buffalo, NY, I couldn’t find that many homeless people, so the valets at the hotel ate well. Sometimes it’s even been any Uber driver. I’m happy as long as someone is eating. The homeless inn Ann Arbor, MI were fed very well and very appreciative. 

Here in Chicago it’s been a different story. There are homeless people everywhere here and I try to give my leftovers to them. I cannot believe how many times I have been turned down. “No thanks, I just ate” aren’t you going to be hungry later? Tonight a guy asked me what it was and when I said salad, he said no, really?

One guy had a sign that said he was homeless and hungry, even said it. I offered him my food, his response “I really need a ride to a shelter”, sorry, can’t help you there. As I walked away “hungry and homeless” seriously?

So, could someone please explain to me, when you’re homeless and asking for food and someone offers you just that, why do you turn it down?


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