Peaches Prattlings

{June 25, 2017}   Travel day… back in the US

I so want to sing Back in the USSR! 

GES and I ended up talking last night until about 2am, um, we have to get up in a few hours, have to get to the airport!

Still got up, showered and luckily GES and ACS got up before I left, ACS carried my bag down the three flights of stairs!

I was going to walk to Central Station, only about a nine minute walk, but the rain changed that decision. Taxi to the station, train to the airport, but not directly. Hmm.. all week they have had technical difficulties with the tracks and we did the same thing I had to do when I arrived and when we went to Madurodam, change trains.

I get to the airport with plenty of time, or so I thought! Getting through Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, oh my! 

There were two places that my priority status got me through sections easily, the rest…It was a cluster at passport screening, then an almost thirty minute walk to my gate. I had been hoping to get something for breakfast, not a chance! I didn’t realize how far the gate was, so I had enough time to get an extra battery and a package of mints and chips.

I got to the gate, pulled off for extra screening, oh goody. Finally got on the b plane, sat next to a nice guy going home after two weeks in Amsterdam for work. 

Easy flight, back in Chicago after eight hours.  Love Global Entry, so simple! Got my luggage, taxi to the hotel, finally found my luggage,  got to my room, did my expenses and decided it was time for food. 

I went to one of my favorite places, got take out and decided to chill and stay up until at least 10pm, to readjust to being in this time zone. I thought this was a very good plan. 

I had to laugh, I passed a coffee shop and all I smelled was coffee! That might take some adjustment! Ah.. back to reality. 



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