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{June 19, 2017}   Amsterdam…Day 3!

Amsterdam day 3! Already? Crazy!

Everyone had a sleep in, expect dad and LaLa, we had planned to meet at their hotel for breakfast, so they set an alarm, sorry! Everyone slept until about 930/10am and then GES, EMS and I headed out in search of food, adventure and culture.

We found a cafe for cheese sandwiches, breakfast was over, EJS had a waffle as we roamed the streets and canals of Amsterdam. People watching, food, conversation, sounds good too me! 

We walked over a lot of bridges and found one with two ‘trees’ of locks, so cool! EJS found this very cool!

Then it was on to The Van Gogh Museum, which turned out didn’t open until 4pm, so the Rijks Museum is it! This is where many Rembrandt, Vermeer,  Heals, Steen and even a Van Gogh or two are shown and one of the most famous Rembrandt paintings, The Night Watch, which is actually called The Spring Company of Frans Banning Cocq Fran’s Wilem van Ruttenburch.  This was called The Night Watch because the painting was so dark, when it was cleaned and restored, not so dark and dirty!

Next was a bite to eat, then model ships and some weapons, many of which have amazing embellishments or carvings. Is this what they mean by the art of war? Ha ha, sorry. 

We had ships, now we need music, dishes and jewelry, I think we’ve covered it all!

After the museum, street musicians, gardens, magic, dancing fountains and the famous IAMSTERDAM installation.

Next, a canal tour for dad, LaLa, EJS and I. We saw the oldest boat in Amsterdam, 180 years old! The green one. Do you see the stork? They would put symbols of the business above the doors, if you guessed midwife, you’d be right! Also, do you see the house that looks like it’s sinking? It is! They are having to replace the wooden posts under the houses with concrete because they are rotting and the houses are slowly sinking!

We learned so much! The cranes were put at the top of the houses because at one time, that’s how they brought in their items, since it was all on the water, now, since the stairways are so narrow, they move their furniture that way!

What else? 12k bicycles are fished out of the canals each year! If people grow tired of them or want someone else’s spot, push! It was a really nice canal ride with a great crew. 

Then back to the apartment, out for dinner and walk dad and LaLa back to their hotel and a nice walk back to the apartment. You can see a little of the nightlife, action and Red Light District going on. 

What a day! What’s tomorrow hold?!


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