Peaches Prattlings

{June 18, 2017}   Amsterdam…Day 2!

I know, creative titles here!

I slept in! Wow, first morning to sleep past 530/6am in three weeks! Wahoo! Go time difference! 

Dad and LaLa arrived in Amsterdam and called me when they got to their hotel. I got up, showered, packed and headed out on the ferry to meet them. Their room wasant ready, the only drawback to arriving in a new destination early morning, the rooms aren’t always ready.

I met them for breakfast and a wall around, looking at the sites, bikes and boats. When the room was ready, they settled in for some rest and a shower. 

During this time, GES, ACS, MGS and EJS had landed and were heading to the air bnb we were staying in for the week. I grabbed by bags and headed in that direction. 

MGS was under the weather, so they took turns going out to explore and stretch their legs. Eventually dad and LaLa arrived, actually with GES and ACS, they had found each other wandering towards each other, go figure!

We decided to stay in for dinner, it was nice, ACS cooked and we ate. Good food, conversation and family. Doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re together. Nice spending Father’s Day together. 

After dinner i walked dad ahe LaLa back to their hotel and wandered for a few hours taking in the sites, trying not to get high walking by every coffee shop in the city! 

It really is a stunning city!


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