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{June 17, 2017}    Amsterdam!!! Day one!

If you didn’t already know, mostly because I didn’t tell you or give you clues, I’m in Amsterdam! 

Land of water, windmills, wooden shoes and weed. Yup, weed, that’s what everyone mentions when I say I’m going, well,  a lot of people!

Dad is turning 75 this summer and when we asked where he wanted to go, Amsterdam. He hasn’t been since the 70s, GES and ACS were here a few years ago for a weekend and the rest of us,  LaLa, EJS, MGS and I haven’t been, it’s been on my list for a long tome. 

Location…check, dates…check, passports… check! More like phew for me! But furst stamp…Amsterdam! Sounds good to me!

I landed about 9am, eventually got off the plane, got my bag, it was a long walk to carousel 18! Caught a train, then a ferry to my hotel. Getting aquainted like the locals already!

Dropped my bags and went exploring. Near the hotel was a street art exhibit, mostly graffiti and anyone who knows Mr knows how much I love it! Only good thing about PSM not being here at the moment, i don’t have to feel bad dragging him with me to find it!

There was another exhibit inside a factory which was fabulous as well. 

After admiring the artwork and seeing some of the artists at work, back on the ferry into the heart of the city. 

I walked around, now hungry and found Juice Brothers, they had acai bowls and vegan ice cream! Going back this week for sure! 
I did exactly what i like to do when I first get to a new place, wander. And I did, eventually I found a park and just sat. I looked at the people, sat by the canal, saw the parties, picnics, sun bathers, read a little and did what half of the people were doing…zzzz then when it got too warm, found the shade of a tree and zzzz…

Got up again, walked some more, found a place for a cup of mint tea, just leaves in a glass, genius, one of my favorite ways for a cup of tea! They had a wc, best news!

Wander, wander, wander… looked for a place for dinner on my Happy Cow app and found a great, teeny place for dinner and made friends waiting, two guys from Australia we live and work together in London. Brody and Shane were lovely and invited me to join them, we talked work, travel, food. Fabulous!

Lastly, it was time to wander in the direction of the ferry, it was about 930pm by now and I wasn’t sure if i was tired or not, but my feet had other ideas!

So, in bed, looking at the water, thinking about tomorrow and considering if i start my post cards now or tomorrow! 

Adventure awaits!

Goede nacht en aangename dromen!


Andy Metcalf says:


I know, right! Me too!

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