Peaches Prattlings

{June 8, 2017}   It’s done! It’s official! I can leave the county!

Wahoo! Passport in hand, I can flee the country when I need to.  Or just go on a trip. 

I tell people, jokingly, that I keep my passport with me because you never know when you’re going to have to flee the country!

After everything I went through on Monday, I was prepared with my birth certificate, copies of my birth certificate, I’D, credit card and to the passport office I went. 

Through security, remove jewelry, shoes, headphones, sunglasses, 9th floor, phone on silent, get in line. Greeted, get in another line, get a number, have a seat. 

About thirty minutes later, number called, go to window, answer yes to a lot of questions, give credit card. Get receipt and special receipt to come back between 3-4pm to pick up the passport. 

Back to work, three o’clock back to the passport office, get a new number, wait ten minutes and now…

I can leave the country! Look out world!


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