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{June 8, 2017}   Bad form Delta

This hasn’t happened in a while, but it did and now I’m torqued.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m loyal to Delta and this won’t stop me from flying with them and being loyal, just right now,  grrr.

The first thing that happened is something was wrong with my boarding pass on the app, after standing in line, waited my turn, had to go back to print a ticket, ok, that worked. 

First flight was fine. Arrive in Detroit, gate A4, next flight leaves in a little over an hour from gate A2, sweet! But wait…

Just after I use the facilities, I double check the board, flight is now leaving from A77, seriously? Ok, fine, I start walking.  No time to stop to get food, the lines were ridiculous. So, no food. 

I got to A77 and the gate board says Ft Lauderdale, what? I ask the gate agent. Sorry, that flight has been changed to A2. WHAT? When did that happen? 6 minutes ago. Seriously? The boards still say A77.

I take the train to A15, walk to A2, 5 minutes later I get notice from Delta. Seriously? [Bright side? Fitbit said I’m an overachiever!]

I made it, got on the plane, we left late, go figure…

All I have to say on this one… bad form Delta.


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