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{June 7, 2017}   I’m a wonder woman but…

Now I want to be Wonder Woman!

Tonight, DLP and I went to see the latest installment of super hero movies, on the DC side, Wonder Woman.


Yup, that’s all I have to say, wow. It’s all about the backstory, how Diana became Wonder Woman, the island, hidden, the Amazons, the gods, the training, the Warriors, the secrets, lies, the thing that everyone in the audience and on the island knew but no one would tell Diana.
There’s that solitary, all women life on the island, interject a man, the great scene is when he gets out of the bath and she’s more interested in his watch then the naked parts. I love when there is a movie with beings from another world, and we, mere mortals, have to explain things…sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable.

There were a few times that it felt a little Captain America-ish, only because you had a hero or heroin, as it were, from another time or place, amongst the world of Modern Men, and she had a shield. Not hating on Wonder Woman by any means just a comparison.

The hard part, is here we are again, the war to end all wars, the big bad Germans and the ragtag bunch fighting them because they can save it all. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it and that was the era of those stories.

As for the ragtag bunch, a great combination, a drunk, sharpshooting Scotsman, a Master of Disguise, an Indian chief thief, pilot and an Amazon woman, what could go wrong?

Does Chris Pine ride a motorbike in all his movies? 

The costumes were great, with all the hubbub about Wonder Woman’s outfit and speculation, it kicked arse! It was the Wonder Woman costume we know with a little metallic, Iron Man flare, material wise that’s it! 

Compassion, strength, fortitude, honor, duty, responsibility, belief, love. Yeah, that about sums it up. 

Two great quotes:

I can save today. You can save the world. That’s Steve Trevor to Diana.

It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world. 


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