Peaches Prattlings

{June 2, 2017}   He’s FOUR! What?

Happy happy fourth birthday to my first grandson, Baby A!

Ok, so first, I’m going to have to find something different to call him, might get awkward at 16, “Happy 16, Baby A!” Ha ha, we’ll see. 

Wow, four years old. I still remember the day his mom, KAB, told her dad and I she was pregnant. She carried LB in front of her and said “hello father” and he knew instantly, I had no idea, but I was thrilled for her!

And nine months later, June 1st, I got to meet him for the first time! He was just a few hours old and oh, he stole my heart! I happened to be in Atlanta and got to go to the hospital and hold that little love muffin in my arms. 

He is smart, funny, silly, precocious, stubborn, brave, fearless, loving, a snuggler, possessive and generous all at the same time. 

He’s an awesome big brother to his baby sister E, you should see how she looks up at him, there outs so much love there. And love to see him with his parents, oh man. 

What an artist! I’ve shown you some of the amazing things he has made me!

He gets excited when he knows I’m coming to visit, sad when I have to leave. How much do I love that? 

He’s four, feisty and fabulous. Happy birthday Baby A, big hugs and kisses from JJ! I love you!


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