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{June 2, 2017}   Bad form JFK and Budget!

The flight was fine, there ended the enjoyment of my trip home to see my dad.

The flight itself was fine, first class, wasn’t even full, I got to sleep for about 20 minutes, that was fabulous! 

I ended up talking to a very nice man with fabulous eyelashes who is in the entertainment industry, his mom has fabulous Tina Turner hair, was on his way to Scotland, just broke up with his boyfriend, done with the drama, has the hots for a guy in Belgium, it was quite the flight.

I forgot how big the international terminal at JFK airport is! I got to baggage claim eventually,  only had to wait a few minutes for my bag, that was good. 

After I got my bag that’s when the adventure began, please read that line dripping with sarcasm. I walked away from the baggage claim area and saw the sign for ground transportation, I haven’t rented a car at JFK before, so this was interesting.

After I walk under the sign that says ground transportation, the only thing I see when I walk outside, after following the arrows, are trains, buses, taxis and passenger pickup, um, where do I go for rental car? No idea.

After literally walking in circles for about 4 minutes I finally go back and ask somebody working at the hotel counter where the rental car place may be and apologize since I know that is not his job. He says ‘Oh just take a left past the lack of signage and go to the Welcome Center’, okay, thanks.

I go to the welcome counter, and ask where to go to get to the rental car center and he says take the train, what train? The the AirTrain, okay great where is that? Go back that way, fantastic. I go back towards baggage claim see the escalator going up and the sign for AirTrain, great. I get on the air-train and get off at the rental car center. 

Normally I rent from Avis, and possibly because I’m preferred I get notified of where my car is. Avis was too expensive this weekend so I rented from Budget. 

There were at least 40-50 people total including little kids standing in line waiting to get a car. The line was out the door and they only had two people working. What a shock. 

I stood on line with everyone else, ended up talking to this lovely woman who used to be from New York City and is now living in Florida for the past two years. She was traveling with her sister who used to work at the Brooklyn Hospital, which is where I was born. She actually asked me if I knew my obstetrician, and I just kind of looked at her and said huh? and we laughed about that, I could tell you my pediatricians name. We got to talk for about an hour! Yes that’s right I said an hour. There were gobs of people and two people working. 

I finally got to the counter and the gentleman said do you prefer an SUV or minivan, I said I prefer a compact car because I’m not comfortable in either. He said we don’t have any, minivan or SUV? I said SUV. I got a Kia Sorento. Then I drove to my dad’s house. 

I landed in New York City at 10 p.m. I arrived at my dads house at 1:30 a.m. This process should not have taken three hours. Ever

I’m now going to pass out, have a great evening!


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