Peaches Prattlings

{May 25, 2017}   It’s, so wasteful

This is a bit of a rant, sorry.  My opinion, if you agree, great, if not, ok. 

I walked into my hotel tonight and saw something that bothered me and its happened before at other hotels. Just a pet peeve. 

I’m not a wasteful person, anyone that knows me knows that. I give my leftovers to the homeless, sometimes hungry valets at the hotels I’m staying in [if I can’t find any folks more in need], I give my hotel toiletries to shelters. It’s a great feeling. I’m just telling you this, not to boast, to give you insight. 

I hang up my towels, don’t request the sheets or towels changed every day.  Some SPG hotels will give you points for not having your room serviced.

When I get to a hotel, I usually have my own shampoo and conditioner, so I take theirs. The soap I will open, put in the shower and put the rest of the toiletries in the donation bag. I use the soap, pack it in a soap holder, move on to the next hotel, take it out and use it again.  Wash, rinse, repeat, literally!

I got to my hotel Monday, set up as usual and used my soap. Tuesday, the soap was still in the shower. I got in tonight and the soap is gone. Why? And… usually I hang up my towel, they still fold it. 

I called the housekeeping staff to ask. Some people do, some don’t. I mentioned the soap and was told if I want the soap left, let them know.  Ok… but why in the first place?

I’m in a fancy-schmancy hotel, they want everyone to feel special. I guess some people want that. I want a made bed and a clean toilet, that makes me happy!

Here was the kicker… they took the soap and didn’t fold my towel.  What?

Ok, rant over. 


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