Peaches Prattlings

{May 19, 2017}   Fun, busy day at my sister’s

Friday started as any other day, and hires what…I did sleep! 

Got some work done, then it was sister time! We had breakfast out, after straightening the house, then did some damage at Khol’s. We had Khol’s cash, a coupon and some returns. Savings… over $1000! Between stuff for us and the girls, mostly EJS, spent only $500, not too shabby!

Then Costco and the liquor store, back to the house dad and LaLa showed up about the same time, dad and I went to pick up the girls.  Oh boy! It’s only been a few weeks, but wow! 

Home to hang out and then MGS asked me to help fill the piata for her party, that would be pinata for the rest of us. We filled it with candy all while having a food fight with the candy. Lots of giggling, of course. 

Then Fuji for dinner, it’s hibachi but the girls call it the Firehouse because of the hibachi grill. They love it. Next door for cupcakes and cake pops, home for games, books and bed. 

Whew, I’m beat! 7 year old birthday party tomorrow! Need some rest!


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