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{May 18, 2017}   Oh my! I slept on BOTH my flights

That almost never happens! Sleeping on two flights, let alone one!

I must have been tired! Well, I got back to Chicago from Hawaii Monday morning, only slept 45 minutes between my two flights, 7.5 hours and 50 minutes respectively. I slept on the 50 minute flight, go figure. 

I went straight to the office, full day, training session at the gym, mani/pedi with DLP, then dinner.  Tuesday morning overslept, to 630am, to the gym, full day at work, yesterday 6am training session at the gym, taught a class, on my feet 8 hours,  team dinner. This morning 6am at the gym, taught another 8 hours, off to the airport. 

I didn’t think it would happen,  I got on my flight from Chicago to Detroit, barely! The traffic was horrible, took over an hour and a half to get there then security was s…l…o…w! I started up a movie and all of a sudden we were landing! What?

I got to the next flight hung out, did some work, got on the plane, ready to actually watch the movie, same one… nope. Nxt thing I knew… time to get off the plane. Wow!

So very exciting! But now… am I going to be able to sleep when I get to my sister’s house!? I’ll let you know!


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