Peaches Prattlings

{May 16, 2017}   SEVEN! We have a seven year old!

When did that happen? I still remember getting the phone call. 

May 16, 2010, MGS came into the world and stole a piece of my heart. [As long as we remember what year she was born, we’ll always know how old she is,  ha ha]

Wow, seven! What a trip it’s been.  She’s smart, precocious, adorable, funny, goofy, silly, bright, curious, inquisitive, fearless, loving, independent, stubborn and just plain fabulous. 

Sometimes she says things and you just look at her and think “did you really just say that?” and the next second, love bug. 

I love those times she gets  on my lap and wants to snuggle, play, walk, talk and just have some one – on – one time with her Auntie J. How much do I love when she and EJS won’t see a movie without me? 

She makes her parents and family proud every day and I cannot wait to see what is in store for this little girl every day, week, month, year.

Happy birthday MGS! I love you!


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