Peaches Prattlings

{May 13, 2017}   How do I go back to reality?

These have been an amazing two weeks. 

It’s not over, I still have a day and a half, but… it’s been great! This is the first time PSM and i have really “lived” together since we’ve been together. Even the two weeks I was here at the end of the year we were both off, so it was more of a vacation. 

This time, he went to work every day and I worked from home, usually between 4am and 6am, which worked out perfectly because that meant I was done between 12  and 2pm. Somewhere in there, dog duties, domestic stuff, like meeting with the pest control or yard guys, then it was either hang out in the hammock for a bit or take Mollie to the beach. 

By 3 or 5pm, whichever PSM was able to make work, we would meet at the gym or somewhere to go stand up paddle boarding. Then it was dinner at home, we cooked a few times, even used basil from our garden! 

Or eat where we were.  Tonight it was burritos from Killer Taco, made me think of Moe’s, and anyone who knows me, knows I love some Moe’s! Home to chill with Mollie and then crash or tonight, go to see Baby Groot again. 

I get why people love it. Mornings at the beach for a surf or paddle, great exercise, work or school then to the beach. It starts filling up about 3 or 4pm, surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, playing, some people bring grills for dinner. Play until the sun starts going down, then go home. 

Today, I worked until 1245pm, hung out in the hammock, ok, fell asleep in the hammock, met PSM in Haleiwa for some stand up paddle boarding, then dinner, then movies. 

Tomorrow beach and paddle boarding with friends, then Sunday afternoon back to Chicago. I know I’ll have fun with my friends from work and I’m ready for summer in Chicago, beaches and sun,  maybe even some paddle boarding! But… it’s not home…sigh…

Good thing I’m coming back in two weekends!


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