Peaches Prattlings

{May 12, 2017}   It’s official, I am a dog mommy

It happened gradually, but that’s where we are. Mollie thinks I’m one of her people.

I think I’ve told you a few of the things she has done since PSM got serious. It started when she would get in between us when we would get close on the sofa, then it was pressing into me when we’re out, protecting her pack.  Then it was taking over the bed or pushing into me with her back when she’s sleeping on the bed. 

Then the excitement when we get home, a little more than just saying hello, she’s sees us, grabs a toy and circles us. Last week when I walked in the door she wasn’t sure at first, then sniffed the air and it was on. 

Now… since I’ve been home these last two wonderful weeks, she won’t get out of bed or up until I do. She won’t listen to PSM, ‘come on Mollie, let’s go out’ ‘breakfast?’ Nope, I’m good, I’ll just stay here. 

So that means, I do the morning walks, medication [covered in peanut butter], eye drops, breakfast. She waits for me each morning, very rarely does she wake me up. And, when the dog walker comes twice a week, their walks are cut short, apparently she wants to come home because I’m here!

She listens to me, mostly, I know you know how selective dogs hearing can be… she goes to the beach with me, loves the convertible, meets new people, they are just taken with her and how mellow she is, sits with me, lets me use her as a pillow while she sleeps. 

Comes when I call or whistle. Looks at me with those puppy dog eyes. Follows me from room to room…like a puppy. 

There you have it, I’m a dog mom…


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