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{May 8, 2017}   Happy Birthday TYL!

I have to wish my daughter, TYL, a very happy birthday!

I met my daughter, TYL, in November of 1996, she was eight years old and a fireball. She was very sweet, smart, funny and skeptical, of me that is! How else could she be meeting me for the first time, not her mom, what was I going to be like and very protective of her brother. Understandable. But when the gate opened, oh boy!

She was a love, a goofball, a challenge and well worth it! We loved to play games, snuggle, watch movies, giggle, talk, travel, be silly, go places, shop, do nothing, sometimes that was our favorite part.

We had a typical mother-daughter relationship, we had our share of disagreements, and we could row, but in the end we never went to bed angry. I loved watching her face, the wonder, joy and amazement at life and what it had to offer. The way she examined and explored, took charge and took no, you-no-what from anyone!

To see how she has grown into an amazing human being, woman and mother amazes me every day. Reconnecting with her was nothing short of, well, it was what I needed in my life and I hope hers as well. We actually reconnected one year ago today when I messaged her on FaceBook to wish her a happy birthday.

May 8, always a very special day and quite often Mother’s Day, this year she gets her own day and when she celebrates her first Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, it will be something.

Happiest of happy birthdays to my baby girl, TYL. No matter where life takes us, you will always be someone I am proud to call my daughter. I love you.

birthday daughter


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