Peaches Prattlings

{May 4, 2017}   I’m home!

In my house! My own bed!  Well, I’m not alone here! I got my honey too!

My flights on Monday were uneventful, aside from really liking flying Delta to Hawaii, free entertainment, which United doesn’t always have and meals, which United definitely doesn’t offer.  Not just meals, but snacks at intervals and decent snacks at that. More Delta please.

I rented a car because it would be cheaper than a taxi from the airport home. I got in the house and someone  was very excited to see me. Her tail started going 90 to nothing and she circles me and loved on me and stuck by me like glue. 

I had work to do, so I got down to it. I haven’t gotten home this early in a long time, I’m used to getting in nine or ten pm. I worked for a few hours then went to meet PSM at the gym, we sweat for a few hours, got some food, then home. 

Oh, getting into my bed that night… there’s something to be said for sleeping in your own bed. Just me,  PSM and Mollie, not crowded at all! 

Tuesday was more of the same, but getting up at 6am and starting work is not bad, get done early. I found someone local to come and help us with the foliage out back. There’s not much there, but we still need to take care of it. I’ll give you a better tour of what we have after its cleaned up. 

Then the gym, come home, cook dinner, hang out, crash, very domestic and normal. 

Today, up too early, oh well, that just means starting work early again. I started ast 430am, I called it quits at 1pm, then it was time on the lanai, hanging out in the hammock, relaxing. Ahhh

Guess what the evening held… Yup, more domestic bliss! 

Tomorrow… work, then beach!


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