Peaches Prattlings

{May 1, 2017}   What a weekend!

That Miss A keeps me going! Oh brother! Would I change a thing? Not on your life!

I told you about Friday, a fun day. Saturday was a lovely day as well, up too early, of course! 

We had breakfast, then the dressing and I got to pick the outfit! Anyone who knows Miss A and SDL knows this is a big deal! But I rocked it! She had a great time at therapy and I got to talk to the other moms there and we all bragged on our kids! I take every opportunity to brag on all my kids, I dont know if you’ve ever noticed…she did great in therapy, very focused.

After therapy it was breakfast number two, iHop this time. Rooty Jr, oh boy does she love that! Then she was gracious enough to help me shop a little, her opinion means a lot to me!

After shopping it was back to the house for a snack, cuddling, tickling and cleaning, I know, not exciting, but important. Dinner was low key, she wanted to stay in. I didn’t even make it to midnight when SDL got home, I had to wait until this morning to find out how the day went!

This morning came way earlier than I had hoped for, oh well. Breakfast at 7am, then playtime,  get dressed, outfit number two chosen by yours truly! A lot more stressful than you realize, SDL has serious standards! Then it was snack time and the out the door. 

We decided to go to the Indian Temple in Lilburn, it’s an amazing structure and I’ve always wanted to go. On the drive over, not a peep from the back seat, nothing on the way in to the temple.  

The minute we took our shoes off, the volume went up! She was happy as can be! Apparently, such expressions of joy are frowned upon. Shoes on, out the door. 

We then headed downtown to a co-op I like that I used to get my homeopathic allergy medication and I picked up some vegan treats and sandwiches for my flight home tomorrow. 

Then we drove a bit and found the Inman Park Festival.  It’s been a while since I’d been to the festival, I was excited we found it. We hit the ground and checked everything out. 

We loved looking at the sights and sounds, touching, smelling experiencing. Then the shopping…ooh… Chanukah, Christmas, a few things for PSM, some home made dog treats for Mollie and Miss A found a graduation present for mommy, she was so excited to give it to her! She even picked out a card “Well done you!” With a graduation cap. 

After a few hours, which included dining al fresco, we headed home. SDL was done! 19 months and on May 9, she walks and gets her EMBA diploma! I’m so thrilled and proud of her! And now, Miss A gets her mommy back! I’m not sure who is more excited!!

Well, a job well done means a good meal out.  This was after a snack of cherry yogurt and a banana. One after the other of course! We went to Texas Roadhouse, love those rolls! Great dinner, great company, lots of laughing.

Back to the house, bath, hair brushing, there’s a lot! outfits for school tomorrow, lunches, clean up, packing for me and bed.  Well, she got into bed, then the sugar from the sweet potato made an appearance! “Ok, back to bed”…”ok,  back to bed”… third time’s the charm. 

Eventually it was lights out for me, hopefully after I talk to you I’ll fall asleep,  it’s almost midnight and 415am comes quickly.

Flying home for two weeks in the morning, think I’m excited!? You bet your sweet bippie!

A great weekend, ready for the next one! 


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