Peaches Prattlings

{April 28, 2017}   Never a dull moment!

Thursday travel was uneventful, thankfully!

Delta has my heart again, not that they actually lost it, they spoil me, you know. But after the kerfufel the last time I flew to Atlanta, they gave me 20,000 sky miles, sounds about right. I was only inconvenienced by my flights getting bumped around, other people never got where they were going or very delayed and lost luggage.

I arrived in Atlanta, got the rental car, did you know some Avis locations have a concierge? This one got my car and brought it to me, nice. He noticed the gas was not full, so we loaded the car and went to fill ‘er up. 

Then I was on the road, very uneventful. Made it to SDL’s, CKM was there as well,  SDL has just gotten home. We all caught up, talked about passports and our upcoming trip. 

CKM headed home then it was me and SDL, kisses for Miss A, more chatting and then work and zzzzzz. 

This morning Miss A went off to school and so did her mom.  I worked until 2pm, then went to pick up Miss A from school. I was on one side, she was on the other, oops. Home for a snack and a tickle fest, then dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, where they love her, of course!

Veronica is her favorite waitress, who just adores Miss A, well, who doesn’t? After a bit a little bit came in with his parents and was dancing and flirting and I thought he looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure.  A bit later, his dad came over with him to say hello, turns out they’re in the same school. That’s where I recognized him! Later Miss A went to dance at his table to say hello. 

If you know Miss A, you know when she’s happy, the screaming, squealing and laughter.  And it can get loud! We were in the restroom and she was doing her thing and people started knocking on the door, was everything alright? We heard noises.  Yup. 

Back to the house for bath, snuggles and bed. SDL came home, catching up, work and zzzzzz.

She did give me this fabulous picture. It is from 2011, the year she came home and into our lives. Its her first menorah,  for her Auntie George!

Never a dull moment!



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