Peaches Prattlings

{April 25, 2017}   Solid one up… wow

Have you ever had that happen?

First, do you know what a one up is? Let me ‘splain… you tell someone something and they have to tell you something better that happened to them, or something worse.  One up.

We’ve all done it, either intentionally or not. “I wss so sick, this happened” “oh yeah? Well, I was so sick this happened!”. 

Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s funny. Did you ever see the movie Spy, with Melissa McCarthy? Jason Statham kept one-upping himself with the way he was injured, including getting killed and coming back to life!

So, mine was yesterday. I told my co-workers what happened in Maui,  lost badge, left my mouse, that stuff.  They were all sympathetic and had a few similar stories. These were expected and understandable. 

I got to the gym and someone asked about my weekend, after I asked how theirs was and they had said good, nothing exciting. I said kinda sucked, we got robbed, barely had the words left my lips when he, same person said, I got hit by a car. What? 

Immediately, focus was on him, as it should be, he got hit by a car! End of my story.  

But that, my friends was a solid one-up. 

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