Peaches Prattlings

{April 23, 2017}    Not cool…nefarious Mauians…

Not the experience we hoped for. 

Sorry there wasn’t a post last night. Got to Maui, grabbed some lunch, then went to the farm where PSM was teaching a class. He nailed it, by the by, I expected nothing less, of course!

Then we checked in to where we were staying, a condo across from the beach for the weekend, lovely. We hung out for a bit, did a little grocery shopping so we would have some munchies and drinks to keep us hydrated. Later it was a local place for dinner and then in to talk and crash out somewhere around eleven pm, we were both pretty tired. 

Then… here’s were the weekend took a turn…I got up about 715am, walked into the living room and thought something was amiss. The screen door was open and I thought it was odd, did we leave the screen door open? I don’t think do, but… 

Then I turned around and looked at the table, my mouse was missing, my work laptop was sitting on the table. Then I looked at the kitchen bar and noticed both of our smart watches were gone along with the chargers. 

I went and woke up PSM and told him that we were robbed. He got up and we started looking and found that they had taken my laptop bag from the living room and then noticed that his iPad and work backpack were gone.  They came into the bedroom while we were sleeping! Seriously??

We called the police, turns out they were a block away dealing with the same issue, great…

I just couldn’t believe they came in while we were sleeping! Brazen. The police were very familiar with these thieves, and frustrated that every time they get caught and get out, they get smarter. 

As soon as the officers left, we started making phone calls… work, credit cards, you name it.  

The really suck part is not the electronics, which is horrible, but the personal items. For me, it was my passport, wallet, some jewelry, my external hard drive with almost all my photos on it, those are lost forever and I don’t know if I’ll ever get over that, those are the things I’m heartbroken over. For PSM, it was other sentimental items, like the ‘gig’ bag he kept power cables in that he had had since childhood, innocence lost. 

They didn’t see the jewelry and car keys on the table by the front door, and luckily they didn’t take our phones, mine had my license and credit cards I use regularly. We were surprised about the phones, they may not have seen them on the night stands. 

Here’s the crazy thing…about an hour later, the complex manager came by, they had found our watches and chargers, wow! Then a few hours later, we got a call from someone at Costco, they found a few things and the police had them! Good thing I had my Costco card in my wallet! 

We went to the police station to pick up our items, including all is my keys! And my Go-Pro! Wow!

So, let’s just say, Maui didn’t wow us this weekend. We were glad that we were together and neither of us were hurt.  We are just a little more vigilant and let’s just say that the back door is locked and the curtains are drawn. 


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