Peaches Prattlings

{April 23, 2017}   Ended on a positive

Today we flew back to Oahu since I have to fly back to Chicago for work. 

Here’s the crazy thing… I’m flying home next week! I’m only going to be gone for a week, what? Like a ‘normal’ traveling consultant! And I get to be there for two weeks, I won’t know how to handle myself!

This morning we woke up, uneventful, thankfully. We got motivated eventually and went to Kihei Cafe, a local, cash only breakfast place that PSM liked to go to when he’s on Maui for more than a day. 

Beautiful view, had company in the snail on the wall, chickens and other birds walking all over the place. We had the veggie scramble which looked like a mountain of eggs, a very colorful mountain and French toast. Tasty. 

Then we went back, packed, hung out and then headed to the airport. Car return, check bags, security, board flight. 

Land, get bag… eventually, check in bag for next flight, get car, find food. We ended up in Chinatown, looking for one place and ended up at another. The first place didn’t have any space, so we went to Grondin, a Latin/ French restaurant. I don’t even know what mine was called, but it was tasty. PSM was happy, they made him a spicy bloody Mary, even brought extra chili powder.

Back to the airport, say goodbye, now I’m on my flight heading back to Chicago. 

After everything, ended on a good note, or at least a tasty one!


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