Peaches Prattlings

{April 21, 2017}   I’m home!

The homecoming was less than climactic. Let me explain…

PSM and I decided we would go to Maui for the weekend, he’s only been there for work, never pleasure, so, let’s do it!

He has to go for training and meetings, this week, so he flew out this morning and I’m going to fly out to meet him tomorrow. I got us an air bnb on the beach, so excited!

But…I landed and got a rental car, no PSM picking me up and when got to the house, no Mollie. Sigh…

Laundry is going, packed for the weekend and next week, finished some work, answered a few emails and now I’m talking to you. 

I’m very excited to be home, in my own bed, and in just a few hours, I’ll see my fella, sounds good too me! 

I can’t wait to share pictures from Maui!


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