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{April 20, 2017}   A new movie…a new theater

The movie was good… theater, not as much. 

DLP and I decided to go to a movie tonight and it was a choice of Boss Baby or The Smurfs. Since the only showing of Boss Baby, that wasn’t 3D left was 9pm, The Smurfs was it!

We went to a new theater and, well, you know how you get spoiled by some things and then compare everything to it, yes, I know you know I know all about being spoiled, haha. Well…AMC theatres have been renovating, to have the recliner seats, full menus instead of just snacks. One of the first was the one I used to go to in Colorado near my apartment. 

There is one theatre in Chicago like that. The one we went to last night is converting. They’ve installed the recliners, good, not the wide, red ones, these were brown, slimmer and older, comfy when they reclined, but you got close to your neighbor. 

You can’t order food from the theater, you go to the counter. They had just gotten the new menu and we were  informed that a few things weren’t available, we asked what was, that was a shorter list! Then…guess how many vegan options… big fat zip, nice. Even the other one we go to has salads and a veggie burger. Ok, enough about the theater…

Then the movie started, we could have had any seats, only two other people in the theater! That picture isn’t us, but it could have been!

It was cute! This was different from the last two, it was completely animated. They had some star power behind the voices, Mandy Patinkin as Papa Smurf and Julia Roberts as Smurf Willow, the leader of the lost village of Smurfs. 

It was about family, love, understanding, teamwork, being true to yourself, knowing who you are, and that it’s not always where you start out, it’s who to choose to be, trust, the magic within and that love truly is the greatest magic there is. 

I would also like to introduce you to Smurf Blossom and DLP may possibly referred to going forward as SB…


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